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Accounts Payable Management 
Accounts payable is an account that tracks unpaid bills to vendors or suppliers.  Expense administration is usually included with accounts payable and includes the review and processing of employee expense reports for travel, meals, telephone, and other expenses.  We provide high quality accounts payable management services to help organizations to improve cash flow and liquidity while maintaining good relations with suppliers.  Our bookkeepers watch for fraudulent invoices and are familiar with sales tax calculations to maximize your HST/GST input tax credits.  We enter your bills and credit card charges, print cheques based on due dates, and answer vendor queries.  Staff are trained to search the accounting system for duplicate invoices and reconcile your supplier statements. We have experience of using a wide range of desktop accounting software and applications such as QuickBooks, Sage Simply Accounting, ACCPAC and MYOB, and online accounting software such as FreshBooks and Kashoo, that is appropriate to the size and needs of your organizations.  Our services include:

Transaction Processing: This includes processing purchase orders, if applicable, unpaid invoices, credit notes and paid invoices based on agreed accounts payable processing procedures tailored to the workflow your organization.  The source documents can be in format of either electronic or paper.

Electronic File Management Services: This includes converting all source documents in paper format to electronic format, filing electronic documents based on an agreed electronic filing system tailored to the information needs of your organization for future retrieval.

Accounts Payable Payment Services: This includes processing invoice payments based on agreed accounts payable payment procedures taking into consideration of your organization's cash flow position and the suppliers' terms of payments.

At your discretion,

the purchase/payable transactions can be processed at your chosen periodical basis - daily, weekly or bi-weekly; and

online realtime access to the accounts payable journals and aging accounts payable which can be available anywhere 24/7.

We are flexible in tailoring our accounts payable management services to your organization, whether your needs are to ...

outsource your whole accounts payable processing department, including the transaction process, document filing and storage, and accounts payable payment processing;

fill in a resource gap in a specific accounts payable area; or

have a professional accountant reviewed and reconciled your accounts payable records prepared by an internal/external bookkeeper.

Your benefits include ...

a virtual accounts payable processing department in charge by a professional accountant acting as a controller of the accounts payable of your organization;

centralized control of costs and invoices;

prevention of unauthorized payments by matching invoices to authorized purchase orders;

reconciliation of accounts payable journal to supplier statements;

approved account payment listings with supporting documents;

improved management of cash outflows;

reduced processing costs of accounts payable;

improveed cash flow management for increased benefits of supplier discounts and reduced cost of late payment interest and penalties;

capability to generate pertinent accounts payable and expenditure information required to manage and grow your business;

reduced costs of staff recruitment, supervision and turnover as well as related overhead; and

increased focus on core business activities leading to increased profitability.

With our high standard accounts payable management services, you will have access to an assigned professional accountant and an assigned accounts payable bookkeeper knowledgeable about your business and accounts payable, and available to perform financial analysis for assisting or directing the growth strategy of your organization.



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