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How it works

We provide affordable and efficient Bookkeeping/Accounting Services to help you keep an orderly set of books with accurate and timely financial management information for growing your business.   We ensure that all of our clients' books are updated accurately on a timely basis by assigning a team of a bookkeeper and an accountant to each of our client.  We also provide Financial Management Service to help you better manage the cash flow, profitability and financial position of your business.
Only Three Simple Steps to Keep Your Books Updated and Balanced:
Step 1
Scan and upload/email source documents to Accounting Pulse.            
Step 2

Once we receive your file of scanned source documents, your assigned bookkeeper will make the required entries to update your books which will be reviewed by your assigned accountant.

Step 3

Depending on your chosen process option, your updated books of records, cheques, transaction journals and financial statements etc. can be retrieved for your review and analysis from your own server, our server through secure web portal, managed server of software hosting service providers, or online accounting software providers.


We offer three different process options for our bookkeeping/accounting services.  However, as every company operates differently, we customize the delivery process of our bookkeeping/accounting services to suit the unique needs of each of our clients, whether you need our bookkeeping/accounting services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed.

With Accounting Pulse, you receive benefits of ....

cost savings from our economy of scales of experienced and professional bookkeepers;

cost savings from staff recruitment, supervision, turnover and overheads;

access to the financial skills of experienced and professional accountants;

streamlined financial information system with updated books of records;

reliable accounting solution to your business; 

seamless integration of our bookkeeping/accounting/financial services to your business operations; and

timely and personal services from your assigned bookkeeper and accountant.

We offer four accounting service packages to suit your business needs with competitive pricing for our high quality professional bookkeeping/accounting services.


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