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Cash Flow Management 
Sales and costs and, therefore, profits do not necessarily coincide with their associated cash inflows and outflows.  While a sale may have been secured and goods delivered, the related payment may be deferred as a result of giving credit to the customer.  At the same time, payments must be made to suppliers, staff etc., cash must be invested in rebuilding depleted stocks, new equipment may have to be purchased etc.  The net result is that cash receipts often lag cash payments and, whilst profits may be reported, the business may experience a short-term cash shortfall.  For this reason, it is essential to forecast cash flows as well as project likely profits.
Maximizing cash flow is a priority for businesses of every size, bear in mind that more businesses fail for lack of cash flow than for want of profit.  But getting it right can be a challenge.  We provide cash flow management services to help plan your business's cash requirements, imrpove control over cashflows and conserve cash resources.  It will be especially useful if you need to forecast cashflows in the context of ...

tight cash/profit margins;

limited financial resources;

planning for growth or radical change;

compiling cash budgets; or

preparing business improvement plans.

Below are just some examples of the cash flow management services we provided:

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Payable Management

Just-in-time inventory planning & sourcing

Revenue forecasting/budgeting

Cost and/or capital budgeting

Cash flow planning

Planning & budgeting for growth

Debt vs. lease financing

Project risk evaluation

Your benefits include ...

improved capability from better understanding of your financial situation;

assistance in defining long-range plans and financial goals;

sounding board for formulating business strategies; and

increased sustainability to surf through the economic downturn.


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